Personal Information

  • Name: Mohammed Amer Younus Al Shaheen
  • Date of birth: 28 October 1982
  • Nationality: Iraqi
  • MME/MMUP Registered Architect

Profesional Profile

Mohammed is a Senior Architect/Town Planner with over 7 years of architecture and urban/regional planning experience working in private consultancy. Mohammed’s role covers the broad spectrum of land development from preliminary planning due diligence and site assessment to project coordination, detailed design and negotiating planning approvals through to implementation. Mohammed’s past and current portfolio of projects includes architecture, region and local planning scheme amendments, large-scale structure and master planning, design guidelines, subdivision and development from rural planning development to industrial and urban in various countries. Eager to learn and further my proficiencies by constantly improving his work and accepting all kinds of assignments handed to him.

Mohammed is also heavily involved in the activities of the Planning of low cost housing projects in Aden-Yemen. In 2009, as senior urban planner Mohammed has completed all the draft drawings of Aden Low Cost Housing Project with all required infrastructure. Mohammed was Responsible for handling the comprehensive development programs, supervise the local land, and their associated physical facilities, handle the authorities permits and approval, monitor the work on sites

Creative Architect/Urban planner and team-builder with the ability to 'think outside the box', administer public presentations, analyze planning issues, and consistently exceed expectations. Team leader with highly effective communication and problem-solving skills, including facilitation and management of major development and research grant partnership.

Work Experince

March 2017 - Present

Architect/Data Specialist/Urban Planner

Crown Consult, Full-Time


  • Preparation of reports and data collection and analysis.
  • Producing GIS data and validating of data received from various authorizes.
  • Supervising and auditing surveys forms and processes.
  • Assisting in data processing, analysis and validation (BIM SPSS, BIM SPSS Modeler, ArcMap Data Reviewer).
  • Production of the 3D and interactive data animations.

March 2013 - December 2016

Research Assistance/Part-Time Instructor

University of Malaya/International Islamic Univeristy Malaysia, Full-Time


  • MoHE High Impact Research Grant, Research Title: ”Translation of Sustainability Knowledge, Into Design Studio Architecture Projects Practiced in Malaysia”.
  • Running a Professional and Academic Program for IES VE Buildings Energy Simulation.
  • Conducting extensive training programs for IESVE Building Energy Simulation software.
  • Preparing the Draft of Special Area Plan (Kuala Ampang, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia) (GIS data collection and analysis).
  • Preparing the Draft of Local Plan (Alor Gajah, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia) (GIS data collections and analysis).
  • Preparing the Draft of Structure Plan (Negeri Sembilan).
  • GIS data preparation for International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) University campus (GIS data collection and analysis).
  • GIS data preparation of Malacca Tourism Plan (Land use, Transportation, Urban Sprawl).
  • GIS data preparation of Kuala Pilah GIS mapping (Land use, Transportation, Environment, Development Plan).
  • GIS data preparation of Kuala Lumpur GIS mapping (Land use, Squatters, Sustainable Plan)(MOHE Grant).
  • Preparing Kuala Ampang, Malaysia EIA report on the Urban planning sectors.
  • EIA preparation for Alor Gajah, Malaysia on infrastructure, Housing and industrial sectors.

April 2008 - December 2012

Senior Architect/Urban Planner

Polypus International, 1995.Ltd, Full-Time


  • The planning and development of a neighborhood near to the highway Sana’a –Aden.
  • Preparing the urban study for the squatters in Al-Mathbah (AL-Lyl City)-Sana’a (GIS maps, data collection and production).
  • Designing of the Master Plan for the Socotra Resort project (Utilization of GIS Maps and Analysis).
  • Concept design of “Ministry of Local Administration”.
  • Designing the draft of the Applied University hospital buildings.
  • Part of the team, preparing the Concept and final Design of NATCO group cars show.
  • Preparing of the 3D drawings of AL-Katheb project. (Housing Project)
  • Preparing and designing of the Master Plan of Al-Saleh city.
  • Preparation of the Urban Planning Development, Master plan of the sea Port of Myyun Island (GIS/Remote Sensing data gathered and validated).
  • Concept design of central library Sanna-Yemen.
  • Designing the house of Iraqi ambassador (Competition wining tender)B.O.Q. (ADEN HOUSING PROJECT).
  • Iraqi ambassador in Yemen and prepared the B.O.Q.


December 2012

International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM)

Master of Urban and Regional Planning

The Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) is a taught programme offered by the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. In order to qualify for the degree of MURP, a candidate has to accumulate not less than 42 credit hours during the formal period of being a registered student, with a dissertation of 6 Cr. Hrs.

September 2007

Applied and Social Sciences University (ASSU)

Bachelor Degree of Architectural Engineering

This programme is specifically designed to produce architectural engineers with sound knowledge, problem-solving skills and a comprehensive understanding of the multidisciplinary aspects of building. The principles and precision of civil, structural and building services engineering as well as the creativity of architecture are combined in this unique programme. So architectural engineers will be able to take full advantage of the practice's evolution. BEng Architectural Engineering graduates are technical professionals with an international outlook that can meet the industry development requirements of the next century.


Luis Amador-Jimenez

Associate Professor at Concordia University ENCS

I have had the opportunity to work alongside Mohammed Younus for two years now and he has show extraordinary commitment, great analytical skills on spatial planning, land use, zoning and urban planning. His computer skills are top notch with masterly of graphical design and modelling software, I recommend him without any reservations.

Mohd Zen Mohamed

Director / Spatial TEKNO International cConsultancy Sdn Bhd

A good student, well disciplined and industrious.

Technical Skills


Autodesk Autocad

Advance, 15 years

Worked on architecture and road infrastructure drawings. I have also explored the 3D realm extensively.


Autodesk 3dmax

Advanced, 10 years

Preparing 3d architecture models for exterior and interior renders. Also,including animations and advanced rendering engines such as Vray and Maxwell.


Autodesk Revit

Intermediate, 4 years

I am CIDB certified for both Autodesk Revit MEP Modeling and Autodesk Revit Architecture advance Modeling.


Adobe Photoshop

Expert, 8 years

Using Adobe Photoshop for editing photos and create creative artworks. Use the program frequently for editing or creating. I can educate others on how to use the program efficiently successfully. Also, I can produce and manipulate professional works.


Adobe Illustrator

Expert, 7 years

I am using the program frequently for editing or creating my clients' creative artworks. I produce and creating and editing vector based illustrations such as logos and brand marks or other design elements.


Adobe InDesign

Expert, 7 years

I am using Indesign regularly for final reports and production of documents related to our project.


Rhinoceros 3D

Advanced, 4 years

Using the software to produce 3D models, also the creation of parametric architecture elements is more advanced with a grasshopper.

  • The Grand Mosque

    A unique design with a high capacity to accommodate more worshippers.The design is up for purchase upon request.

  • Research Center

    Research Center designed with a circular plan.

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